Britain is not at war with Russia, nor is it at peace

Britain and Russia

The west may be in permanent conflict with Russia, and, though of a very different kind, with terrorist groups as well.

Britain is engaged in two conflicts. They are very different.

One harks back to the cold war, and is very visible. The government trumpets and photographs Britain’s every move.

The other, against an enemy which is not a state, is less visible and the government is coy about what exactly it is up to.

The Ministry of Defence seizes every opportunity to publicise RAF Typhoons intercepting Russian planes coming close to British airspace or approaching Baltic states.


Nato generals have expressed concern about the ability of Nato troops to respond quickly to any Russian incursion. How would western public opinion respond to their soldiers fighting the Russians in Latvia or Lithuania?

The Nato summit in Warsaw on 8 and 9 July, will probably fuel Putin’s (genuine or artificial) paranoia, especially in the light of the missile defence project with interceptor sites based in Poland and Romania.

Nato leaders could be conciliatory. They do not have to appease, simply refrain from indulging in gratuitiously aggressive rhetoric.

From: The Guardian