Door & Bar Security

May 26, 2016

doorDoor supervisors are usually a condition of the licence, they are to uphold all of the conditions of the licence and protect it and the customers who are able to consume alcohol and other refreshments because this licence is in place.

Sourcing good door staff has never been so challenging, as so many things are demanded of them, including: a professional and assertive – non aggressive approach, strong communication skills, the ability to react quickly to danger, in the right way and to the right degree. This is what makes Ban Security guards different.
Danger comes in many guises at the door, from health and safety issues to assaults by individuals.
Our door supervisors are well-versed in licensing law, the use of minimal and reasonable force and the grounds on which to use it, as well as evacuation procedures and, more generally, the positive enhancement at the customers experience of your venue.
Again, the door supervisor is the first impression your customer will receive of your venue, and we aim to make sure it is a positive one. B Security implements a highly effective management structure covering their clients’ venues. A Ban Security operations manager will visit your venue during your busiest trading hours when the team is at work to carry out strict compliance assessments. A Ban Security Manager is always on call should you require them.