Commercial Security

May 26, 2016

commercialBan Security provides 24-hour security and customer service to office buildings in cities and towns across UK. From stand-alone buildings to multi-tenant complexes of varying sizes our officers serve as the front door ambassadors for our commercial clients.
Responsibilities include regular patrols and after-hour access control services, closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance and parking lot control, facility management and maintaining fire and life-safety systems. Our officers are also trained in Occupational First Aid and provide valuable service to visitors in high-traffic locations, such as local information and directions.
We work closely with all stakeholders including both the Property Owner and Manager to ensure that a comprehensive plan is delivered and tailored to your specific needs.
Security Analytics
Decisions about your commercial building’s security program need to be based on real-time data and logic. In order to provide our commercial customers with these comprehensive analytics, Ban Security has developed property-specific systems, which allow both property managers and tenants to make logical decisions based on identified trends and proven solutions.